Let's make your website better, together.

Every website could use a little love. If yours isn't quite meeting your expectations, let's talk and see what we can change for the better.

How do we begin?

We'll spend fifteen minutes talking about you, your goals, and your website.

Help me understand where you are, and where you'd like to go.

Then what?

After we've talked, and with your goals in mind, I'll assess your site for usability, accessibility, content, and cohesiveness.

You'll then get a report with specific, actionable recommendations for changes to your site, and we'll schedule a follow-up call so I can answer any questions you might have.

What will this cost?

Our first chat is on me! I'm just happy to get to know you a little. Your site audit, report, and our follow up call are a flat fee of $200.

About me & my experience

You might be wondering why you should trust me with your web presence, and that's a fair question!

I've been designing and building digital experiences for about twenty years: I've worked on everything from multimedia pieces for independent journalists, to small business websites, to mainstream digital products. I've seen the tech and the trends change, and can tell you that some things are timeless -- even online.

At the core of my practice is empathy and inclusion: the best experiences begin and end with understanding what people need and want from a website, and then making every reasonable effort to meet those needs.

I spend most of my time as a senior designer working on federal digital services, helping to improve people's online experiences of the US government.

When I'm not in front of my computer, I like to work with my hands, fly a small airplane, and hang out with my dog.